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The Video Production Agency You Need.

We create engaging video content helping our clients leverage the power of high-quality videos designed to draw attention to their services or products.

Our structure

Reframe Video was founded by Mike Tucker; a creative with a background in digital marketing and a Masters Degree in Film Studies. We keep the team small and nimble. Unlike many agencies that prioritize growth at any cost, we took a different approach.

We’ve chosen to keep the team small and nimble. This allows us to pivot to market demands quickly and easily. Each project is unique and has different requirements for fulfilment.

This flexibility allows us to approach each project uniquely without any unnecessary overhead. As a result, we can deliver better videos, quickly and at a fraction of the cost of many video agencies.

Why we’re fanatical about video marketing

Born and Raised in Devon Mike has been enthralled by video since a young age. Much preferring to watch a story than to read one.

After studying film to a Master’s level at Oxford Brookes University and rounding out his skills with a Marketing qualification from the Google developed Squared Online program. Mike set out on his entrepreneurial journey. First working with the talented graphics design team at Frankman, and now running Reframe Video.

With over 10 years of experience in video production and marketing, Mike a seasoned expert in helping SMEs develop effective video marketing strategies that get results. Throughout his career, He has helped numerous businesses of all sizes and industries create compelling video content that engages audiences, builds brand awareness, and drives sales.

How we serve our clients

We work intimately with our clients so that we can produce the best possible results for their business. We find that we are most fulfilled when working with a limited number of clients instead of juggling dozens of projects at one time.

This means going deep with each client, learning exactly how their business functions, including understanding their sales funnel, unique value propositions, target market and more.

There are an infinite number of ways videos could be utilized, but only a few of them will make you money. We want to find the money-making levers in your business. We will work with you to uncover the biggest opportunities that video can provide to help grow your business.

Proudly serving clients since 2018

Since 2018, we’ve delivered exceptional video production services to help businesses and individuals bring their visions to life. We have successfully executed numerous projects and we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of industry trends and technologies. With our expertise and passion for video production, we are committed to delivering high-quality results that exceed expectations.

Our clients

We work with business owners who are eager for growth. These are business owners who dream of building their businesses to be better, and stronger and serve more people.

At our company, we believe that any business can benefit from more efficient marketing. We work with businesses that share this belief and are ready to take action toward improving the communication of their brand. We typically work with business owners, internal marketing teams, or external agencies that handle the marketing/communications for the brand.

Some of the industries we work with include:

  • Consultants, coaches, public speakers, and independent contractors

  • Construction, production, and contracting companies

  • SaaS, app, tech, and software companies

  • Local community hubs, such as coffee and gelato shops

  • E-commerce brands (both online and offline)

  • Dentists, doctors, orthodontists, and paediatricians

Our values

  • Creativity: We use our imagination to produce unique and engaging videos.

  • Collaboration: We value teamwork and work closely with clients to ensure the best possible work.

  • Quality: We maintain high standards in every project and video that we produce.

  • Innovation: We’re always evolving, looking for new and innovative ways to tell stories.

  • Transparency: We communicate openly throughout the entire production process.

  • Responsiveness: We deliver high-quality videos on time and more importantly, on budget.


Not your typical video agency.

As you can probably tell, we’re not your typical video production agency. We’re not for everyone – but for the clients who embrace our approach to business, they’re able to see incredible results. If that resonates, get in touch today

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