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In the luxurious world of hospitality, the allure of a five-star hotel like Bovey Castle is built not only on opulent facilities and impeccable service but also on the passionate and dedicated team behind the scenes.

To continue their pursuit of excellence, attracting top-tier talent is crucial. One of the most effective ways to reach potential candidates and showcase what makes Bovey Castle an exceptional place to work is through a well-crafted recruitment video.

Here’s a glimpse into the creation of their recruitment video and why it’s a pivotal tool in their talent acquisition strategy for years to come.

The Vision: Crafting a Compelling Narrative

The first step in creating a successful recruitment video is to establish a clear vision. For Bovey Castle, this means highlighting not just the grandeur of the hotel and it’s grounds, but also the heart and soul of the team.

We set on a mission to convey a narrative that intertwines the unique working experience of Bovey Castle with the modern, dynamic environment that their staff experiences daily.

Showcasing Our Unique Selling Points

To stand out in the competitive hospitality sector, the recruitment video needs to emphasize what makes Bovey Castle unique:

  1. Historic Charm and Modern Luxury: Bovey Castle is set in the picturesque Dartmoor National Park, blending historical architecture with contemporary amenities. This juxtaposition creates a unique working environment that needs to be showcased.
  2. Career Growth and Development: Highlighting the opportunities for professional growth within the hotel and the Eden Hotel Collection as a whole is essential. We aimed to show potential employees that at Bovey Castle, they can build a career, not just take a job.
  3. Inclusive and Supportive Work Culture: Bovey Castle has a commitment to fostering a diverse and supportive workplace as a core value. The video featured testimonials from current employees, showcasing their personal experiences and the sense of community at Bovey Castle.
  4. Employee Benefits and Perks: Detailing the attractive benefits and perks offered, such as employee discounts, training programs, and wellness initiatives, will help Bovey Castle attract high-calibre talent.

Behind the Scenes: The Production Process

Creating a recruitment video is a multifaceted process involving several stages:

  1. Pre-Production Planning: This phase involves brainstorming sessions with Bovey Castle’s HR and Marketing teams. We outline the key messages, storyboard the scenes, and plan the shoot schedule to ensure we capture the essence of Bovey Castle.
  2. Filming: Over several days, we film various aspects of life at Bovey Castle. This includes capturing the stunning exterior and interior of the hotel, the dynamic work environment, and candid moments of our team in action. Ensuring a mix of staged and natural footage helps create an authentic and engaging video.
  3. Employee Testimonials: Incorporating interviews with staff from different departments allows potential recruits to hear directly from those who know Bovey Castle best. These testimonials are critical in portraying a genuine and relatable work experience.
  4. Post-Production: This stage involves editing the footage to create a cohesive and captivating narrative. Adding background music, voiceovers, and on-screen text helps to reinforce the key messages and elevate the overall production quality.

The Final Cut: Sharing Their Story

Once the video is complete, it’s time to share it with the world. Bovey Castle’s recruitment video will be prominently featured throughout their recruitment process, such as their website, shared across social media platforms, included in job listings, and sent out to new applicants. Additionally, they’ll leverage it in recruitment campaigns and at job fairs to reach a wider audience.

The Impact: Attracting the Right Talent

A well-produced recruitment video does more than just fill vacancies; it attracts individuals who align with your values and are passionate about hospitality. By giving potential employees a glimpse into the working life at Bovey Castle, we set the stage enabling them to build a team that will continue to uphold and enhance their five-star legacy.

In the end, the creation of this recruitment video is more than just a marketing effort for Bovey Castle; it’s an invitation to join a family dedicated to excellence. At Bovey Castle, every employee plays a vital role in their story, and with this video, they hope to welcome new chapters filled with talent, passion, and dedication.


Born and Raised in Devon Mike has been enthralled by video since a young age. Much preferring to watch a story than to read one.With over 10 years of experience in video production and marketing, Mike a seasoned expert in helping SMEs develop effective video marketing strategies that get results. Throughout his career, He has helped numerous businesses of all sizes and industries create compelling video content that engages audiences, builds brand awareness, and drives sales.

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