Bovey Castle - Recruitment Video for a 5 Star Luxury Hotel

In 2023, we met with Bovey Castle to discuss potential videos that the hotel needed to further build their incredible legacy as a 5* Hotel resort on the beautiful Dartmoor National Park.

During our discussions it became apparent that Bovey Castle truly cares about showing that hospitality is a career not just a holiday job and their history of recruitment has shown that they specifically look for candidates who have a passion for hospitality and a desire for excellence.

We therefore agreed that a high quality recruitment video would aid the hotel in attracting top talent, as well as showcase their incredible dedication to staff progression within Bovey Castle and the Eden Hotel Collection as a whole.

The project has been constructed by filming a number of candid interviews with current members of staff from every corner of the company, from housekeeping to senior management. The interviews quickly revealed that people stay with the hotel for a long time and that they enjoy a number of internal and external perks of working there.

From here we began filming corroborating footage that highlights the features of the hotel, the professional but enjoyable work environment, and the perks of working on Dartmoor by showing off the stunning scenery and some of the extra curricular activities available to staff.

By creating this video, we aimed to not only highlight the career opportunities at Bovey Castle but also to emphasize the supportive and enriching work environment they offer. Our collaboration with Bovey Castle has resulted in a compelling narrative that we hope will attract passionate professionals who are eager to join a team committed to excellence and hospitality. We believe this project will play a significant role in continuing Bovey Castle’s tradition of excellence and fostering a thriving, dedicated workforce.

Client: Bovey Castle Hotel
Goal: Recruitment
Platform: Website, Social Media, Recruitment Shows, Digital Media