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Have you been on LinkedIn recently?

Then I’m sure you’ve seen the videos with people talking to the camera telling you about their day, an insight they had recently, or they’re telling you about their business and what they offer.

The question, I’m sure you are all asking is why are these people sitting down in front of a camera in their office, front room, or car and talking to you directly. The answer is surprisingly straightforward and it actually comes down to 4 very important words ‘Know, Like, and Trust’.

Those of us that have been on any sort of sales course, read or listened to a sales book, or watched a sales guru on YouTube will have heard that ‘people buy from people’ however that tenant is a little more nuanced in that people will buy from people that they know, like, and trust.

This is often why business owners go networking to build relationships with other business owners. Allowing the network members to get to know each other, trust that person and ultimately either do business with each other directly or refer business onto their own clients.

Networking is however extremely time-consuming, the average networking breakfast needs 2 hours of dedicated time, and you are limited to the people in the room with you.

Enter talking head videos.

Have you ever noticed that when you give your ‘pitch’ or talking about your business at these networking events you often end up saying very similar if not the same thing every time? This is especially true when there are lots of people in the room you don’t know.

Now imagine recording yourself explaining what you do for your clients and how you can help them achieve their business goals, suddenly you have a very powerful marketing tool that can reach a vastly higher number of eyes and ears.

You can share information and build your reputation as an expert!

We are living in a time when our clients are the most informed that they have ever been and it is so very easy to quickly Google just about anything and have an answer within minutes.

A lot of businesses I speak with often wonder why they should be giving away valuable information that in their mind they can charge for, which is a viewpoint I fully understand and once held near to my own heart as well until I was shown the power of doing it the other way.

We just have to face that someone, somewhere has probably already shared the information you are so desperately holding onto, there are whole YouTube channels, for example, that talk about how to make videos and explain all the nitty-gritty details, and if your client is so inclined that they want to do the research themselves then they are going to find that information.

Why not make sure it’s you they find?

Doing this will not only solidify you as an expert, it will allow your potential future clients to get to know you, all without a single meeting and when they find out it is way more difficult or time-consuming than they planned, they’re more likely to give you a call as it was your advice they followed in the first place.

So, should you be using talking head videos? Odds on the answer is yes. There is a very small number of business types where this type of marketing doesn’t work and the benefits to your business bottom line and saving you or your marketing people a lot of time cannot be understated.


Born and Raised in Devon Mike has been enthralled by video since a young age. Much preferring to watch a story than to read one.With over 10 years of experience in video production and marketing, Mike a seasoned expert in helping SMEs develop effective video marketing strategies that get results. Throughout his career, He has helped numerous businesses of all sizes and industries create compelling video content that engages audiences, builds brand awareness, and drives sales.

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